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"We are very pleased with the services provided by Landon-IP. They consistently respond quickly to our search requests, keeping us informed of the progress and present the search results in a professional format."

Marilyn Pashby, Legal Assistant
Tektronix, Inc.

Landon IP provides commercial patent and technical literature search services to companies and law firms worldwide, offering every possible type of search throughout the lifecycle of a patent. We also provide customized analytics and technology consulting projects, which include a search component as an input to a broader analytical effort designed to meet the unique business needs of each customer.

Landon IP has a large team of in-house, full-time, highly skilled Patent Analysts spanning all areas of technology. This team includes engineers, scientists, former patent examiners, patent agents, and attorneys, many having advanced degrees and industry experience in their fields. Our search group is organized into six teams based on technical expertise, as follows: Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Communications, Electrical Engineering and Physical Sciences, Computing and Business Methods, and Biotechnology.

With offices in Michigan and Virginia, USA; London, UK; Frankfurt, Germany; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Gurgaon, India; and Seoul, Korea, Landon IP can easily Landon IP can easily work with many global corporations through their worldwide R&D departments, IP departments, and outside counsel. Landon IP supports many customer offices directly or through outside counsel or both.

Our Patent Analysts have access to the leading patent and non-patent literature search engines in the world. In addition to searching organized and consolidated patent data for over 100 patenting authorities across five commercial patent search engines, our team also has the resources and advanced training to access highly unorganized and unconsolidated non-patent literature around the world. Our team accesses technical journals and scientific papers through large encompassing databases such as ProQuest’s Technology Collection and Dissertations & Theses database and Elsevier’s Engineering Village. Business news and press releases are accessed through databases such as Dow Jones Factiva™. Company-specific information disclosures are accessed through databases such as IP.com. Because of the close proximity of our headquarters to the USPTO, we also have access to EAST, the U.S. Patent Examiners’ search system.

In addition, we have access to non-traditional resources worldwide to exhaust all available sources including manual on-the-ground searching in many local university libraries, the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, the British Library in London and the Diet Library in Tokyo. For each search project, we carefully select the optimal sources to provide the broadest and most effective coverage of subject matter.

Depending on the objectives of the search, an English language search is often only the first phase of a project. During our review of the English language data and family information, we are able to identify the most active jurisdictions in a given technology. A second search phase may then be conducted in the native language of the most relevant jurisdictions. We are able to complete both phases in-house as, in addition to being technical experts, many of our patent analysts are multilingual, speaking English and Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. Landon IP has an especially extensive list of resources -- encompassing millions of documents -- for searches conducted in Japanese, Chinese and Korean, covering business and financial information, patents, technical literature, journals, conference papers, and theses and dissertations.

Below are the types of searches we are asked to conduct on a regular basis:

Patentability Search: A Patentability Search is conducted upon receiving a brief invention disclosure or exemplary claim. For this type of search, we conduct a global search of patents (both unexpired and expired), patent applications, and technical literature, over and above what an examiner searches, to improve the quality of the application. All disclosures and drawing figures are reviewed. You provide an opinion as to patentability (novelty) to your client. We have a deep understanding of the nuances of patentability, and our searches are not just general subject matter searches, but provide strategic results that are designed to make your job easy.

Infringement Search / Clearance / Freedom to Operate Search: A Freedom to Operate (Clearance or Infringement) Search is conducted upon receiving a product description or technical disclosure. From this information, we identify the claims of patents within the subject area that may be of interest. Specific to Freedom to Operate purposes, we often review unexpired and expired patents so that an attorney may advise his or her client which claimed technologies are now in the public domain and are therefore free to use. The patent claims are the focus in this type of search, not necessarily the disclosure, but both can be included in the scope of the search. We conduct truly global Freedom to Operate searches in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously in their native languages. This is particularly important for major product releases or for making high value research and development decisions.

Validity Search: A validity (invalidity) search is conducted upon receiving a patent number (e.g., US 6,000,000) and the specific claim(s) intended to invalidate. We conduct an extensive search of patents, technical publications, and/or any other available written materials that may be relevant to the patented invention. All publicly available documents or evidence of public disclosure prior to the filing of the patent application are analyzed. We seek to carefully scope the search parameters of the investigation in order to focus on the most pertinent sources and to remain within a predetermined budget. A validity (invalidity) study is helpful in:

  • Support for selecting minimum royalty payments in licensing negotiations
  • Use as a defensive tool against alleged infringement
  • Patent valuations

State of the Art Search: This search is conducted upon receiving a general product or business method description from you. All issued patents are analyzed, expired or not. Because a product may have more than one invention associated with it, this search usually results in the citations of many patents and published applications. Though more patents are cited, the analysis is less comprehensive than if the search were for your use in determining patentability or infringement.

Accelerated Examination Search: Our Accelerated Examination Search is specifically designed to meet all the requirements of the USPTO's Accelerated Examination Program for fast approval by the patent examiner prosecuting your application. We search all resources prescribed by the USPTO, and we organize our deliverable for easy review by patent examiners. Our approach helps to ensure a fast and affirmative response from the USPTO.

Key Features

Landon IP provides a fully customizable search report. You may give us a template that shows how you would like your search report to be presented. Alternatively, we will draft a search report and include copies of the most pertinent patents and technical publications identified during the search.

The report includes a restatement of the subject features under investigation, a listing and description of the classes and subclasses searched, the complete search history including all keywords and strategic text searching used with fully reviewed search queries in bold allowing you to see the search progression, details, and results of each query, as well as a brief but detailed discussion of each document cited. The report has a table that maps each document to a specific subject feature that directs you to the most important text and drawings in the document. For legal protection, confidentiality is ensured.

Search reports are drafted by the patent searcher and edited by a project manager.

Key Benefits

  • We are the searching experts and thought leaders in the industry – we strategically use multiple search engines, databases, and libraries that cover both patent and non-patent literature and, most importantly, we use proprietary methodologies developed in-house.
  • We guarantee satisfaction with our search work. If you are not pleased with our performance, we will modify the search until you are satisfied. If you are still not satisfied, we will excuse the price of the search. Call Dave Hunt at +1-703-486-1150 for details of the guarantee.
  • We employ a highly consultative and responsive approach to project management.
  • We have a large in-house, full-time team of both experienced relationship managers and Patent Analysts. This team includes many patent agents, attorneys, or former patent examiners, as well as former practicing engineers and scientists, many of whom hold advanced degrees in their technology.
  • All of our Patent Analysts go through our internal training program before beginning live projects.
  • We give you an exact price and timeframe for each search beforehand - at no obligation to you. And our fees are extremely competitive.
  • We complete all searches requiring 40 hours or less within a week.
  • We perform native language searching in all major European and Asian languages, both online and on the ground, which is critical for many patent search projects.
  • We deliver value-added customized reports to clearly convey search results for easy review
  • We have developed Intellogist.com, the industry’s de facto search tool resource
  • We have written an Amazon.com top-selling search book – “Patent Searching: Tools & Techniques”