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We Help You Make Your Mark.

Landon IP is one of the leading providers of IP search products and services, continually adding to and updating our offerings. We remain at the cutting edge of search technology by investing in new tools and customizing our search solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our complete range of products are designed to complement your business and our trademark searches help you to screen, clear and protect your trademarks and trade names contributing to your success.

Below are the primary types of trademark searches that our customers ask us to provide on a regular basis:

Our identical or screening searches help you quickly assess a trademark’s availability in specific global markets and may be undertaken before you invest in a comprehensive or full search. Our screening searches can “knock out” troublesome marks early in the creation process and are offered “globally”, in key markets such as the US or Europe and can be tailored to your specifications. Identical/screening searches cover word marks only.

Our comprehensive or full searches provide you with the information you need to assess the availability for use and registration of your proposed mark across a broad range of sources including common law databases. These searches can be conducted locally or globally and can be tailored to your specifications and may include device/logo elements.

Due Diligence searches are essential for asset management and during mergers and acquisitions. Our due diligence searches provide you with a snapshot of the Intellectual Property holdings of a corporation or individual and will provide you with the essential information necessary to complete your business transactions. Our reports can be tailored to meet your needs and are typically broken down into 3 groups - patents, trademarks and copyright interests and can cover your regions or countries of interest.

Watching searches are designed to allow you to monitor the commercial space around your brand against potential infringement. Depending on the country of interest we watch your trademark every 30 days – 3 months and notify you of potentially conflicting marks within the opposition period. Our watching searches can cover word and device/logo marks.

At Landon IP we promise you our undivided attention. Our experienced trademark searchers are passionate about what they do and will be able to advise you of the best search strategy for your needs, schedule and budget.