Inventions on Demand
Applying the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, Landon IP provides inventions on demand. This service is conducted by invention specialists who have been trained in systematically identifying the problems that any invention solves and all the possible engineering or scientific solutions (inventions) to address them. The methodology was developed by the legendary Russian inventor and theorist, Genrich Altshuller, in 1946.

Creating inventions on demand may appear implausible, but surprisingly, it is not. The development of new inventions is relatively straightforward with the application of Altshuller’s methodology. Landon IP scientists will swiftly scope your project to gain a comprehensive understanding of your problem and determine your expectations, resources and constraints. This knowledge will allow them to focus in on the ‘heart of the inventive problem’. Then, they will develop alternative solutions to solving them that result in many innovations. The end results are possible solutions that allow you to keep up with or leapfrog your competitors technologically.
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