Landon IP specializes in patent, legal and technical translations, where accuracy is critically important. To reduce the incidence of translation errors/omissions, we only work with experienced native language technical translators, all of whom are individually reviewed, interviewed, and tested. In addition, we have introduced QuadCheckTM, our unique, proprietary quality control process, which incorporates the industry’s standard three steps, but adds a critical fourth check to the process that is unique to Landon IP.

Based on our experience, QuadCheckTM proves to be very effective, and results in the identification of issues or errors that need to be addressed approximately 50% of the time. Any issues found through QuadCheckTM are communicated back to our translators for correction in case of translation errors, or are reported to the client in cases of an issue with the source text.

Our goal behind the introduction of QuadCheckTM is to ensure that customers can use our translations with confidence.

QuadCheck Process Diagram

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